Murder on the Dance Floor is set during the late 1970's at the Jaguar Lounge, the hottest disco dance club in town.  Your guests come dressed in their 1970's finest, with the aim of winning the coveted titles of King and Queen of Disco.  

But before the dance competition can start, tragedy strikes!  The reigning Disco King has been found dead and it appears that he has been MURDERED!  Is the culprit an aspiring challenger?  A disgruntled colleague?  A jealous rival?  Piece together the clues to work out who has the 'killer' moves!

Ideally suited to groups of 12-40

If you'd like to find out more about booking a murder mystery for your corporate event or private party, contact Charlotte to discuss hosting options or request a quote.  You can find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions here, and some images of Charlotte's 1950's host character below.  

Charlotte looks forward to making your party a real killer event!