Voiceover Reel

 Some samples of Charlotte's voice work can be heard here:

Casting Notes

Listen carefully – you’ll find you’re surrounded by Charlotte Strantzens. You’ve probably come across one several times today!

She was the warm and friendly receptionist who took your call this morning, and greeted you with the brightest of smiles.

She was the mother, sighing with part-amusement and part-exasperation at her wayward toddler as he tried to sneak a Freddo Frog into the supermarket trolley.

Keep listening. She’s everywhere!

Charlotte’s the caring professional whose advice you would trust on everything, from health matters, to insurance, to buying the safest vehicle for your family.

She’s the warm, sensuous woman convincing you to savour the last chocolate, indulge in a large glass of red, and sink into the luxurious bath.

She’s the trusted friend every girl needs, always there to share a coffee, a glass of bubbles and your deepest secrets.

And just when you think you’ve got her pegged – listen once more! I bet you didn’t pick Charlotte amongst the giggling children … but her cheeky personality and bag of party tricks make her a sure-fire winner with the little ones.

In her ‘real life’, Charlotte is a professional presenter, children’s performer, simulated patient and mum. She packs all of this experience and an unmistakable freshness into her voice work. If you want them to listen again, Charlotte's your girl.