It's  late 1989, which means it's Prom time at Pine Oaks Valley High - and you're TOTALLY invited!  And what better way to celebrate this majorly rad decade than with the Prom theme of 'Rocking the 80's'?  Guests are invited to strut their stuff by dressing as their favourite 80's rockers, popstars, celebrities and other notable personalities.   But before the Prom King and Queen can be crowned, tragedy strikes!  A student has been found dead, and it appears to be the result of MURDER!  Who is the culprit?  Piece together the clues before it becomes PANDEMONIUM AT THE PROM!

Ideally suited to groups of 15-60

If you'd like to find out more about booking a murder mystery for your corporate event or private party, contact Charlotte to discuss hosting options or request a quote.  You can find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions here, and some images of Charlotte's 1980's host character will be appearing below soon.  

Charlotte looks forward to making your party a real killer event!